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The is the online “voice” of Ahmednagarkars. Packed with breaking news updates of Ahmednagar. We providing in-depth coverage &; analysis and interviews and articles. it speaks to – and for – today’s “surfers”. We received a lot of support from Ahmednagari Netizens.

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Hard-hitting, informative and independent minded, no other media covers the breadth of issues and subjects that matter so much to the fastest growing user group on the net: a vast resource that generates massive reader usage.

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Its daily updates of the news that really matters to our readers make it a “must read” site and – it’s a platform to express their views and creative output.It also features great reader offers and competitions for visitors to enter, creating terrific sticky content.

Why advertise with us? is local news portal which provides news to users since 2015. We provides all breaking news & day to day updates of Ahmednagar city as well as whole area of district immediately.

Ahmednagarlive24 is one of news protal of Ahmednagar district which has more readers as well as viewers from 119 countries all over the world.

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